Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Early Mornings, Day Two

Rachel wanted to take the bus this morning, so she was up and ready to go by 6:30 this morning and got on the bus. Miriam did not want to take the bus this morning and woke up for the day around the time Rachel left. Andrew took Miriam to school.

He's sticking around this morning because I accidentally double-booked myself and am supposed to be teaching swimming lessons and taking Zoë to get revaccinated at the exact same time this morning, which is fairly impossible to do as one person. So Andrew will be taking Zoë to get her vaccinations.

I feel a little bad about having to have her be revaccinated, since she was just vaccinated at her twelve-month appointment, but her MMR shot leaked out all over the place. And we're not talking, like, a drop or two leaked out. We're talking the needle wasn't screwed onto the syringe properly so although the needle got plunged into Zoë's thigh the vaccine did not follow that path and instead oozed out all over the place. The nurse said it was fine and not to worry about it, but I worried about it anyway, and after talking to a couple of doctor friends decided that it was a big enough issue to formally bring it to the attention of my doctor.

It turned into a much bigger thing than I had expected and after several phone calls I was informed that, while their policy used to be to not worry about spilled vaccines, because I'd asked about it they looked into it and found that spilled vaccines actually are a concern and they'll be changing their policy to match the Immunization Action Coalition's, which is to count it as a missed dose and revaccinate.

So here we are, a few weeks later, ready to re-dose Zoë. Poor girl. But I suppose an extra poke or two is worth not suffering through measles, mumps, or rubella.

All that is to say that Andrew's home this morning, so he was around for Benjamin to ask questions to. One of those questions was whether Benjamin could finish up a bag of cereal that was "almost gone," because at our house finishing up something is a huge honour.

"Sure," Andrew said, without actually checking on the status of the cereal.

"No way, Ben!" I said when I saw what he was planning on doing. "That's going to be way too much!"

"But Dad said!" Benjamin protested.

"Oh, what did he want to finish?" Andrew asked.

"Half a bag of Cheerios!" I said.

"Half a bag?!" Andrew exclaimed. "He said it was almost gone!"

"But you said!" Benjamin protested.

Andrew picked up the bag of cereal and placed it in Benjamin's bowl to show him that the amount of cereal left in the bag far exceeded the volume of the bowl.

"See?" said Andrew. "There's way too much cereal. It would spill out of your bowl."

"Oh, I know!" said problem-solver Benjamin as he skipped off to the cupboard. "I need a bigger bowl!"

"No, no, no, no, no," said Andrew. "Your bowl is a fine size. There's just too much cereal. You can finish this in a couple of days, okay?"

He's such a funny kid (and whether that he refers to Andrew or Benjamin is up for you to decide).


  1. Lawyer for politician would be a good fit for Ben...

    1. I actually meant lawyer OR politician, but you know, lawyer FOR politician would work, too. He is one heck of a negotiator.

  2. If Zoë tuns into a cranky pants she can come join Will - he got his shots yesterday and was letting us know about it earlier today.