Thursday, March 09, 2017

A family portrait (x3)

This morning when I woke up, Benjamin was quietly colouring at the table. He was drawing a picture of our family and had already managed to label everyone but Rachel, whose name is terribly complicated compared to everyone else's.

He still gets his Ms and Ns mixed up so we have "MINI" instead of "MIMI" and "NOM" instead of "MOM," but for once he's actually "BEN" (not BEM or BEW) so perhaps we're getting somewhere.

He is frowning in the picture because he "just ran into a wall and bonked his head." 

Honestly, that doesn't seem too far off what would be happening in real life if we were trying to pose for a portrait.

Miriam recently brought home a beautiful Valentine she made at school, on the inside of which she'd drawn a picture of herself presenting her Valentine to her family.

Lastly, Rachel was cleaning her room a few days ago and came across a picture she'd drawn of our family last summer:

It's fun to see these artistic renditions of our family!

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