Saturday, March 18, 2017

Leprechaun's Day

St. Patrick's Day was a little underwhelming at our house this year. Benjamin wouldn't even wear green; it was like he was boycotting tradition. It isn't even that he doesn't have anything green. He does. In fact, he's wearing green today. He's just not a conformist.

Everyone else wore green, but that's about all we did to celebrate.

Our milk and toilet water stayed their regular colour. No leprechaun came to mess up our house. We didn't even set a trap because we're lame leprechaun protectionists. No rainbows spontaneously sprouted anywhere in our house. We found no gold. We ate no green food (unless lettuce counts).

Some years I can get into the spirit of the holiday. But this year...not so much.

"I don't remember St. Patrick's Day ever being this big of a deal when we were growing up," I said to Andrew last night.

"Yeah, I've always thought it was a lame holiday. I refuse to celebrate it," he said.

"You wore green..." I pointed out.

"Yeah, so I wouldn't get pinched!" he said.

"Who would even pinch you?" I wondered (I mean, was he really that afraid of his own children? I think he could take them on...).

"People at school," he answered forlornly.

"Really?!" I asked, quite surprised.

"Yes, really," he answered with attitude.

"Pretty sure you're all adults," I said.

"Wait, what?" Andrew asked. "I meant, like, when I was a kid..."

"I was talking about today," I laughed.

"You started the conversation with 'when we were growing up!'"

"You wore green today!"

We laughed until we were crying, imagining professors popping out of their offices to pinch unsuspecting students lacking an adequate degree of verdigris.*

* The children have recently fallen in love with Wicked (Rachel's chorus at school is singing a song from Wicked, which is all above board copyright-wise, I'm sure (not) and she wanted to hear the rest of the soundtrack and the rest is history). We're anxiously awaiting December 20, 2019...or earning enough money that Broadway tickets seems like a reasonable purchase. Whichever comes first. 


  1. I bought rainbow licorice and Worthers because they were gold. I stuck them under a trap Peach made with her uncle for class but then we had to make a smaller one because it was too big to sit on her desk. I used to make corn beef and cabage because that is G's favorite meal and I refuse to make it any other time but pie day put mw into fits of pain. Turns out I have a gallstone stuck in my bile duct...go me so fatty meat is off the menu until i can have that pesky little piece od myself removed. I said to J, "how many more pieces am I going to lose.." And he absent-mindedly said, "oh well probably your uterus..." So thanks for that.