Friday, March 31, 2017

Just let a smile be your umbrella

A bunch of ladies from church were talking about going to the "Farm Animal Days" at North Carolina State University today. Not me, because that would have involved driving somewhere new (not worth the stress, even for free ice cream), but a lot of other people. 

Unfortunately they're not going to make it today because even though the event is advertised as "rain or shine" it was cancelled today, "due to inclement weather."

And I find this rather hilarious...and, oh, so very North Carolinian!


  1. what in the world is "incelement" weather anyway? :)

    I saw where some place local canceled an Easter egg hunt or something for the same reason. I think it's because the weather people were talking about severe weather so we'll watch their TV stations and listen to all their Facebook live events...blah, blah. I'm just going to go out and read in the sunshine. And maybe go to the beach tomorrow!

    1. Oooh! The beach sounds lovely!

      I didn't even notice that typo. Haha!