Monday, April 03, 2017

Electrical prequel

We were planning on doing at least some of the packing for our trip last night after we put the kids to bed. But then the power went out so our plans were stymied.

A car crashed into—and downed—a power pole and the power company didn't think they'd have us (and, you know, 2000 other homes) up and running until around 1:30 or so in the morning.

I showered, by flashlight light, (because you have to get one last good shower in before a camping trip) and then we went to bed.

Around midnight (full disclosure: soon after we'd gone to bed (in our defence, Zoë didn't fall asleep until 11:00)) I heard someone get up and stumble around.

"Sounds like we're about to have company," Andrew noted.

"I should go help them," I said, grabbing a flashlight. "It's really dark. I'm surprised they're not crying."

I went out into the living room, expecting to find a terrified, disoriented child, but I saw no one. The door to Rachel and Zoë's room was still (nearly) closed. Benjamin and Miriam's door was open, however. I shone my flashlight into their room and noticed, much to my surprise, that Benjamin was still sprawled out on the bottom bunk. The top bunk was empty.

"Miriam?" I called out in as loud a whisper as I dared.

No response.

I went into the hall. The bathroom door was closed and I couldn't see any light filtering under the door so I really didn't think she'd be in there, considering the power outage.

I cracked the door open, and there was Miriam!

She was holding her iPod (the kids use it for a clock/music in their room). She'd woken up to use the bathroom, found her surroundings to be oddly dark, stumbled her way to the bathroom, and tried the switch.

When nothing happened she figured the power must've just gone out...again. (It went out twice during conference Sunday afternoon, but only for a few moments, not for hours). So she felt her way back to her bedroom and located the iPod on her dresser and used the glow of the screen to help her do her business.

I was impressed with how she'd managed to so coolly think of a solution.

Anyway, all of that was just so I could tell you that when Andrew asked me if the cabins had electricity, I answered snarkily, "More than we have here!"

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  1. If you put the iPad under a bottle of water it'll light up a room. Not bright, but enough to see.