Saturday, April 22, 2017

Fort Fisher Aquarium (April 5)

After we finished up our hike we went to the Fort Fisher aquarium. Some of Rachel's friends at Voyager Academy (one of the schools in Durham) were on a field trip there. We were surprised to run into several people that we knew from soccer and other activities that far away from home!

It's a fairly small aquarium but we had fun.

 Zoë loved pretty much everything about it and dragged me all around saying, "Fish! Fish! Fish!"

Here's Rachel looking at the sea horses:

And here's Benjamin showing his sisters how to pet a shark:

I love how he rolled up his sleeves first—this was serious business!

After he touched it Miriam was brave enough to reach into the tank but Rachel declined the opportunity.

Here are the kids taking a break on the playground:

Benjamin was so proud that he managed to climb on top of this tunnel (he'd asked for help but I told him that if he couldn't figure out a way up there then he'd just have to wait until he was bigger, so he had to prove that he was already big enough):

For some reason the kids all loved this statue of otters:

Zoë went so far as to give it an actual kiss (I'm sure that's completely sanitary).

We stopped at Subway for lunch before heading home and Andrew stuck Zoë on the roof of the van, which everyone thought was hilarious:

Here she is waving hello:

And with that we were on our way home.

Once home we unpacked and started laundry and dove back into real life. And then Zoë and I woke up sick the very next day and we are still coughing. I don't think we'll ever quite get over before this...

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