Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Rainy walk

We went for a walk through our neighbourhood to see how things were. My camera was on a wonky setting but I couldn't fix it until we were made it to the playground because it was pouring rain (and I didn't want to fiddle with it until I was under the awning). I didn't take an umbrella because, frankly, I don't have enough arms to handle the umbrella, a camera, and two children, so we were just embracing the rain.

Here's the creek behind our house:

Really it's not bad, at least not compared to how things are a little farther downstream.

Here's a blurry picture of Benjamin stomping in a puddle:

This is the "other" end of same creek that runs through our backyard:

This part of the neighbourhood is down a hill from us, so that's why we didn't have the same problem (or at least, we haven't yet).

Here's the sign for the neighbourhood that was asked to evacuate:

That's how high the river rose! To give you an idea of how it normally is, you can see pictures of us hiking along the "trail" here, here, and here. "What trail?" you ask. This trail, obviously:

Can't you see the path through the trees? Haha.

We spent quite some time throwing rocks into the...river. Usually we have to walk down the trail for several minutes before we're able to throw rocks into the river. But not today!

Here's a peek into someone else's backyard (note their fence):

Here are the kids playing at the little creek by the park:

I don't know if you can tell but the pool is pretty close to overflowing as well (the depth indicators are completely underwater):

Here's Zoë asking me to take off her skirt (because it's all wet):

The sun came out while we were at the park (Hello, old friend! Haven't seen you in days!) and we stopped by the river to throw more rocks (because why not?).

Zoë enjoyed playing by this fence:

Here she is peeking out on one side:

And then the other:

Such a funny game!

It took quite some convincing to get these kids to leave the water and head home. Even then we had to make a few more stops for some puddle jumping:

Benjamin found a friendly worm in the gutter:

And...we finally, finally made it home:

I swear this was the slowest walk ever. It took us, like, two hours to walk 1.5 miles. But the kids had fun, so...I guess it was worth it.

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  1. The pictures are worth it! They are great!

    I've not seen the sun yet, but I did walk without getting rained on so that was nice.

    Thanks for sharing how things are in your neighborhood.