Sunday, January 14, 2018

Alexander in the bath

Alexander hasn't taken very many baths in his life, but that's okay because three-month-old babies don't tend to get very messy (aside from covering themselves with sour milk a dozen times a day, if they're anything like the majority of my babies). He's taken way more showers. In fact, I think his first "bath" was a shower. 

But we've moved to a 9:00 schedule for church, which means that I've been showering Saturday evenings rather than on Sunday mornings (because there's simply too much to do on Sunday morning), which means that by the time I get around to showering Alexander has already clocked out for the night.

Can I take a minute to marvel again at how weirdly wonderful it is to have a baby do things like that?

This means, however, that Alexander has to bathe earlier in the evening when the tub is occupied by his older siblings. And they can be a little overwhelming because Zoë is exactly as intense as she looks in this picture:

They both wanted a turn holding him in the tub, of course, and there was a lot of poking and prodding going on. Alexander was not a fan.

In fact, he pretty much hated it, which is a shame. He's enjoyed a few solo baths and loves the shower, but he's just not ready to be thrown into the ring with the big kids, I guess.

He was pretty upset about life.

But he's pretty easy to soothe right now, so all's well.

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