Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Zoë has been exposed to Harry Potter and...loves it. How could she not, having been born into this family? It's like Benjamin whispered to Alexander while he was holding him the other day, "By the time you're three I will teach you everything you need to know about Star Wars." Except, of course, this is about Harry Potter...and I don't believe anyone actually whispered those words to little baby Zoë (but, then again, perhaps they did and I just didn't hear them).

Any long stick-like item she touches becomes a wand. Her favourite spell is stupefy, a stunning spell. But she also knows protego, because no wizard is properly equipped to duel without that spell under their belt, right?

While Benjamin pronounces stupefy almost like "stupid-fy," Zoë tends to elide the initial consonants and says "oopefy!"

Last night during scripture study, she had procured a wand from somewhere and was waving it around like crazy casting imaginary spells (because my children are always perfectly reverent and well-behaved during scripture study...obviously).

The older children had cloaked themselves with a quick, "Protego!" so that Zoë couldn't get to them with her blasts of "Oopefy! Oopefy! Oopefy!"

Because even if you know it's pretend, you still have to protect yourself, right?

Benjamin was stretched out over the couch but he was "too sick" to shield himself with a protego charm so he decided to pick a fight with Zoë instead (he honestly was so, so ill yesterday, but he was feeling better by bedtime (naturally) so while he didn't have the energy to conjure a spell he, of course, had the energy to stir things up a bit).

"It's not oopefy, Zoë," he said sagely, with great annoyance. "It's with an S."

"Oh," Zoë said. "ES-OOPEFY!"

"Still didn't work," he said, cockily, "'Cuz you just can't say stupid-fy right."

She'll just keep working at it until she gets there and we'd all better watch out because the other day I caught her brandishing a broomstick while yelling oopefy. A wand that size probably packs a powerful punch...

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