Thursday, January 03, 2019

Alexander's first steps

Alexander technically took his very first steps on December 21 while we were visiting a neighbour's house for Christmas cookies. He took just two before sitting down.

A few days after that he was standing, holding a bottle of lotion, and he took about three steps towards me before sitting down.

Shortly after Christmas he was playing with Grandpa in the basement and he picked up a big toy and took five steps toward Grandpa.

Mostly he can't be enticed to walk and seems to do it almost by accident when he does it. Any sort of encouragement—"Walk! Stand up! Take a step!"—and Alexander's legs buckle underneath him like jelly. He's absolutely stubborn about it.

It's not that he can't walk. It's that he won't.

Tonight, however, he stood up and took a few steps toward me right in front of everybody. We all cheered and instead of getting flustered, Alexander proudly stood up and tried it again. And then we were able to coax him into trying it over and over again. He was drinking up the attention and working really hard (but we still got a few of his ol' jelly legs every now and then).

Rachel flew to her room to grab some technology so she could record Alexander's first steps:

It was a very proud day:

And now there's no looking back!

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