Monday, January 07, 2019

The first snowman of 2019

It's finally warmed up enough that going outside isn't miserably cold so the kids and I went out this morning to a rapidly thawing world where we got absolutely soaked. The snow was perfectly packable, though, so we were able to make a few good snowmen. 

Here's Zoë pushing a big snowball. It was hard work but she did it all by herself:

Here's Alexander taking off his gloves so that he can sample the snow a bit:

And here he is abandoning his mittens altogether:

So that he can explore the snow with his bare hands:

Snow is fun!

Correction: Snow is cold! Oh, so cold! Horridly, horridly, horridly cold! Snow is awful!

Here he is, happy again now that his hands are snuggly back in his mittens:

Zoë made a baby snowman to put with our mommy and daddy snowmen:

Here she is adding some snow to the mommy snowman:


Here's Alexander taking a little taste of a snowman:

And here he is peeking between our snowmen:

And here are Zoë and Alexander beside their little family of snowmen:

After this we had to go inside because we were wet and cold and, as you can see, Alexander managed to pull off one of his boots (and his sock came with it). So we tromped inside and left our drippy snow clothes to dry by the fire. Sadly, the only one worn out by our excursion

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