Friday, May 22, 2020

Brush your teeth

I couldn't leave you with that picture of sad Alexander at the top of the page, so here are a few happy pictures of him as well:

Alexander loves to brush his teeth. Mostly I think he just loves toothpaste. And not that wimpy kid stuff, either. He likes grown up, "spicy" toothpaste. 

He has about four different toothbrushes that float around between bathrooms and he can even tell you which one he got from the dentist a few months ago. He can also unscrew the lid to the toothpaste so he can help himself to some whenever he wants, which is...great.

Thankfully he only wants to brush his teeth with it. I remember a little boy Patrick who once painted the bathroom cabinet with toothpaste (my mom made me help clean it up and it was a big job)!

Anyway, there's a happy Alexander with his toothpaste. I can't brush my teeth (or my hair or enter the bathroom for any reason) without him asking if he can brush his teeth, too. He probably has the cleanest teeth on the planet.

1 comment:

  1. Nothing feels better than really clean teeth, am I right, Alexander?