Saturday, May 23, 2020

Splash Pad

My sweet sister Kelli sent us a little splash pad to use over the course of the summer since we'll be avoiding such things this summer (very unfortunately). The kids all loved it. Kelli thought the three littlest ones would appreciate it, while the older two might think it was a little lame. But, when we were deciding our favourite parts of the day during dinner Rachel said that her favourite part of the day was playing on the splash pad!

Benjamin, unsurprisingly, was basically unstoppable. The cold water didn't bother him at all; he was the first one in and the last one out.

But all the other kids had fun with it, too.

That swimming suit that Miriam is wearing is new. I ordered it online for Rachel but it was too small for her so we let Miriam try it on (she needed a new swim suit as well, though not quite as desperately as Rachel did). That's one of the benefits of having two girls so close in age/size to each other. But it's one of the downsides of shopping online, though I'll take online shopping over shopping in person any day. I recently bought a couple of pairs of shorts online (I haven't purchased shorts for myself since Benjamin was a baby) and they fit well enough so I kept them, but ordering online is always a bit of a risk.

Luckily a lot of companies have great return policies so you can buy things, try them on, and return what you don't want. I recently was shopping for a new (non-nursing-style!) bra and I think I sent back four different packages before I found one I liked (which is a lot of packages). I mention this because we have been battling an ant colony near our mailbox this spring. They love our mailbox. I'm honestly not sure why because it's absolutely bleak in there. Like, it's just a mailbox; we don't keep cookies in there or anything but it's always swarming with ants. 

I've even sprayed it a time or two but somehow they keep coming back!

Anyway, usually the mail carrier brings our packages to the front door (or the kids run up to grab them) but if they fit in the mailbox, they go in there, obviously. Several of my "Third Love" packages (those would be the ones with the bras in them) were left on our doorstep but one time the mail carrier managed to get it into the mailbox. 

So I got the mail, brushed off all the nosy ants trying to read our mail, and took the mail inside. I put the junk mail into the recycling bin, handed Andrew a few bills (he's our finance guy), and took my package up to my room to open it. I sliced open the tape, pulled open the lid, and ants started swarming all over the place! It was so awful and so funny! I was screaming and laughing—"Oh, no! Oh, no!"—while trying to scoop ants back into the box or squish them on the floor or...just mitigate the situation however I could (without getting too many bites). 

Andrew was like, "What is even going on?" 

Just your average package full of ants and brassieres, that's all.

Anyway, I was happy the swimming suit fit Miriam well enough that we don't have to return it. Also, it was ant-free, which is always a perk. Here she is rinsing off her feet:

Things got a little muddy:

But here we are nice and clean before we got carried away with the mud:

Zoë did not appreciate how cold the water was:

Benjamin, like I mentioned previously, didn't mind the temperature of the water at all:

Zoë was so excited for this little floaty ring that came with her new set of bath toys. It fits just right on her little "Baby Dora" doll, which has come to the pool with us for years (and which currently resides in the bathtub). I should also mention that we finally convinced her to wear something other than her 18M purple swimsuit (you know, now that she's five years old) so she's wearing one of Miriam's old swimsuits.

Alexander didn't particularly enjoy how cold the water was, but he was fascinated with how it sprayed.

Here he is playing with some of the water spouts:

I probably took far too many pictures of them, but they were having so much fun I couldn't help myself.

Zoë looks grumpy here because Benjamin made her muddier than she wanted to be:

Here's Alexander explaining to me how this water shooter works:

I think I made them turn it off before they were finished playing with it, but I didn't want to waste too much water (our yard was already muddy from the big thunderstorm we had last night and after we added splash pad water to it it was ridiculously messy) so we turned off the water and spread out some towels so we could dry off.

This is the kind of picture we might have to recreate in five or ten years:

The sun was too bright for Alexander, the water was too cold for Alexander, the ground was too hard for Alexander... He had a lot of complaints about the afternoon; he had a fun time but got completely worn out. The kids came inside and watched "Making It!" (since they'd recently finished watching "Lego Masters" (which inspired them to make some incredible Lego creations, let me tell you)) and Alexander fell asleep on Rachel's lap, which was unsurprising considering how everything had turned into too much for him.

But, as Aunt Nicki would say, "A fun time was had by all!"

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