Wednesday, May 20, 2020

These five

Here are our five kids, who are still mostly getting along, haunting the neighbourhood in their pandemic masks (Benjamin added a handful of cockatoo feathers to his):

And here they are getting resorted into Hogwarts houses with leftover sorting hat cupcakes:

I don't quite remember who got what this day but, if my memory serves correctly, Rachel got Ravenclaw, Benjamin got Gryffindor (again), Zoë and Alexander got Slytherin, and Miriam got Hufflepuff.

They've been doing so well at getting along. Sometimes they get along easily; sometimes they get along with great effort; other times they don't get along well at all (but that honestly doesn't happen terribly often and when it does we're blessed to have ample room to spread out and cool off with some personal time). I hope they're learning to appreciate each other with all this quality time.

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