Saturday, October 10, 2020

Good night, Hurricane!

We still haven't fixed our roof from Hurricane Sally and now we're being bombarded by Hurricane Delta. It was quite a ride for me when Andrew first sent me a warning about the wicked weather "Delta" was bringing us. 

"Tornado watch...from Delta," he texted me. 

"Better than a warning," I said and then I wondered what he meant by "from Delta."

Delta Airlines? They bring tornadoes now? Delta, Utah? That's quite the distance for a tornado to travel. Oh, Hurricane Delta! I mean, clearly it was raining outside but I didn't know when it was due to hit us. Apparently it was today.

So it's been raining heavily all day with tornado warnings popping up all around us but never for us. We had scriptures and prayer and I was just ushering the children upstairs to their beds was finally our turn for a tornado warning!

"Change of plans," I said, silencing the alarm blaring on my phone. "Let's go downstairs instead of upstairs."

"Can we sleep in the tent?" they squealed with joy.

"Why not?"

And so instead of sleeping in their beds, the children are tucked safely into their "inside" tent.

The tornado warning expired right around the time Alexander fell asleep (we're reading The Mysterious Benedict Society while he settles down at night) but it's supposed to storm until the wee hours of the morning so the kids are happy to stay safely tucked in downstairs. 

We've had a few branches come clattering down, but other than that everything's just fine. 

And now we have some extra motivation to get our roof fixed (we have two quotes already but...gears are turning slowly).

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  1. My friend in McDonough said they were in their basement for a while last night, too. We're getting some of Delta's remains today - and had some yesterday as well. So far we've not had any tornado threats that I'm aware of.