Saturday, October 31, 2020

2020 Halloween Costumes

After putting on some finishing touches, the children donned their costumes this afternoon. The pictures didn't load in order, but that's alright. We'll look at the pictures in reverse order.

Here's is Miriam as Constanze Mozart, Mozart's wife:

She had originally planned on being Bach, but then my friend Crystal sent this beautiful dress to us and Miriam instantly knew that she wanted to wear it for Halloween (and probably every Sunday until it doesn't fit):

Here's Constanze, for reference:

And here is Miriam as Constanze:

Zoë, after much deliberation, decided she wanted to be a fairy queen. She threw her costume together herself because everything everyone else suggested was wrong, wrong, wrong.

Rachel's is dressed as a dumpster fire...because 2020. The graffiti on the side of her dumpster says "This is fine" and she's holding our broken shovel (and a paper towel roll) because this year was...messy:

Here's Benjamin as a knight of Gondor (from The Lord of the Rings):

And here's Alexander as a robot—model A-1-3-X. He likes to boop his buttons and say, "Beep! Boop! Beep! I. Am. A. Robot. Beep! Boop! Beep! It is now Halloween!":

This kid. For the longest time he just wanted to be an owl and wear the same costume he wore last year, which I was fine with. And then he passionately decided he wanted to be a ghost. And then a monster. But then he didn't really want to wear anything we pulled out of the dress up box. He'd made his own monster mask (a box that he'd stabbed with a pen) and wanted to wear that and only that. But we were afraid no one would know what he was, so we told him we could turn his monster mask into a robot costume and he immediately started speaking we know he was sold on the idea.

Thank goodness! Because we were running out of time to make him a costume! The kids all had fun helping put together his robot outfit.

Here are all the kids together:

And here are a million other pictures of the kids because, like always, I couldn't decide which ones were the best ones. Rachel, the savage 2020 Dumpster Fire:

Miriam the poised and elegant Constanze Mozart:

A13X (ALEX) the timid, overtired robot who got up way too early this morning and who thinks it's funny to stick out his tongue:

He had to have a jet pack on the back:

Only he and Zoë could take pictures on the electrical box because they both are flying things, Zoë explained. She is a fairy and has wings. He is a robot and has a jet pack. Everyone else has to stay on the ground where they belong (besides being a fairy, she is the queen, so she can make proclamations like this):

Here is Zoë the fairy queen:

She made all the poses fairy queens usually do:

And finally, here's Benjamin, Knight of Gondor:

Looking pretty fierce!

Okay, so I know I said "finally" before, but I actually still have more pictures! 

Here are my two box-costume children:

And here is Rachel with her friends, the garbage can and recycling bin:

"Bad Wolf" is a reference to Doctor Who, which doesn't really have much to do with her costume except that the paper we used is the same paper we used to make the big TARDIS for her 8th birthday party. 

The back says, "230,000+ COVID DEATHS" and "Vote/Vota!" and "BLM," references which should be fairly self-explanatory. 

2020, likewise, has been fine. And that's why Rachel dressed as a dumpster fire.

And here are just a few more pictures of my littlest ones that I snapped while we were waiting for Rachel and Miriam to finish putting on their costumes:

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  1. Alex is a cute robot. I like Miriam's dress! And Zoë's curls are too cute!