Friday, May 14, 2021


We just signed up for Rachel to get her first COVID vaccine tomorrow, which is rather exciting news, and which reminds me of why and how I feel somewhat fuzzy on the details of earlier this week. I had my second COVID shot on Monday morning!

I really felt pretty okay all day long; my arm was just a little sore. But by Monday evening I had a raging headache and went to bed with a lovely fever/chills mix. I woke up fever-free but was so sore. It wasn't really a regular full-body ache like you might get with the flu (at least, it didn't feel that way to me). Like, it wasn't my muscles aching, but my joints. I felt so very aware of every vertebrae in my spine (and so forth) and moving hurt because my joints just felt so sore. Plus I had that blasted headache. And just a general feeling of malaise. 

By Wednesday I was feeling mostly okay (still slightly headachy) and I think by now I'm finally back to normal (though I am, perhaps, just a little bit more tired than usual, though that could also be because we've been staying up much later than we should playing "Hand and Foot" and talking).

I'm excited to have joined the ranks of the fully vaccinated (in a couple of weeks), but I'm more excited for Rachel to be vaccinated! This will mean she can, like, hang out with friends (or, you know, make friends...somehow...that's still a thing people do, right?). It's been a tough year (+), having (a) moved to Georgia, (b) our ward split and she was separated from the friends she had made, (c) then our stake split and we were further separated from people we had just been getting to know, and then (d) the very next week everything shut down for the pandemic.

So it's felt like we somehow moved three times (though we really only moved once) and then we immediately jumped into isolation mode. To top it all off, the little group of friends that Rachel had been rather united with, in spite of being peeled off into a separate ward, has largely dissolved. One girl moved to another city in Georgia, one girl moved to Utah, and one girl moved to Texas. So...I think it will be very nice for Rachel to dip her toes back into the world of socialization so she can make some friends here. 

The other kids aren't old enough to be vaccinated yet, but I'm hoping that will happen for them soon. 

In the meantime we'll largely be continuing to hunker down...

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  1. I'm SO happy you got the second shot and just THRILLED that you could schedule Rachel! How exciting!