Friday, May 28, 2021

Captain Obvious and Captain Obvious, Jr.

Last night before bed Andrew and I were talking about needing to do something this summer (because we've just been in our house for the past forever) and we settled on, perhaps, making a trip out to the beach. We kept talking for a while (because there was quite a bit of extended family excitement going on last night) and then Andrew hopped on his phone and kind of zoned out a bit. 

"What'cha doing?" I asked.

"Looking," Andrew answered vaguely, his voice trailing off. 

"Good answer," I said and started laughing because it was just too funny for me not to.

"At beach possibilities," he said, shaking his head to come back to reality. "Why are you laughing at me?"

"No reason, really," I said. "It's just...earlier today your child, who has jumped into the pool a million times before, jumped into the pool and when he resurfaced he announced, 'There's water under the water!' And I was just thinking about how very much your child he is."

That child was Alexander and it was a very hilarious moment because he shared this fact with everyone like it was a Moste Exciting Discovery when really...duh. 

In his defense, yesterday was a monumental day for him in that he realized he has more control over his breathing patterns than he originally thought, so he can actually hold his breath and be under water, calmly observing, rather than wildly thrashing around, trying to get back to the air so he can fill his lungs. It actually made the whole outing less stressful for me because, as it turns out, it's easier to get back to the surface when you calmly push off the bottom of the pool than when you're wildly thrashing about (go figure). He didn't inhale any water the entire day! But he did spend quite a bit of time carefully sinking to the bottom of the pool (where it was 2.5 feet deep; it's not like we were in the diving tank or anything) taking in his underwater surroundings. 

He noticed that the pool gets bluer where it's deeper, which is the idea I think he meant to express when he observed that there's water under the water. But it was just such a comical observation to make. 

As was Andrew noting that he was "looking." 

Like, I knew that part! What are you looking at?!

Anyway, like father like son...

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