Sunday, September 21, 2008

The bawwab conspiracy: the conclusion

As you all (should) remember, we had quite a conspiracy brewing about the nature, identity, and whereabouts of our shifty bawwab who stole 50 LE from us when we moved in to our apartment. We've finally tied up all the loose ends of the story and know what really happened.

Unfortunately it kind of has a boring ending. If only it was a joint Mossad/CIA plan.

Ibrahim, the younger bawwab, is actually the bawwab for the building next door and has nothing to do with the story.

After we told our landlord of the dastardly robbery, he immediately fired Khaled, who was the actual bawwab.

Since then the building hasn't had a bawwab. The gardener has been stepping in occasionally to take out the trash and clean the stairwell.

We didn't want Khaled to get fired; we just wanted our money back. Who knows what fate he suffered...

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  1. No kidding. Maybe he got his head chopped off.