Monday, September 22, 2008

Rachel the Cheeser

I sat Rachel on a stool while I made birthday cake #2. It was basically a re-do of the actual birthday cake, with more sugar. We took it over to the Lewises and it did much better there, thank goodness. Sara makes such wonderful desserts that I would have been mortified if my cake failed there. We’d never be able to go over ever again and that would be a real shame.

Anyway, Rachel was driving me crazy so I sat her on a stool to keep her from putting random things (ie: food, books, toys) into the washing machine, playing with the knobs on the stove, taking things out of the garbage can, holding onto my legs so that I can’t walk, touching the greasy rack that we took out of our oven so that we could fit a cake pan inside, or getting into mischief in general.

I gave her the lemons after I was done squeezing them and she had a good time sucking the juice out and watching me cook. She was being such a goof that I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures.



  1. Holy. It reminds of when my family first fed Darren pickles... we expected him to hate them and were waiting to have a good laugh at his expense. He loved them. End of story. What a flopped mean trick to play. lol

  2. So cute:) Funny how our kids like lemons so much huh?

  3. You're daughter is a goofball! I mean that in the most uncle-ly way possible.

  4. My kids love sour stuff to! Remember The twins first Thankgiving? They were gnawing on pickles! I love the sour face. Patrick had a good one growing up!