Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nursery Prodigy

Since we've been married, Family Home Evening lessons have always revolved around very grown-up topics and grown-up conversation. We've used big words, no visuals, and lots of scriptures.

We continued with this after Rachel was born. She spent most of her FHEs nursing or sleeping.

She's bigger now, though, and a lot more focused and we've been struggling with what to teach her and how. We lack resources and we lack creativity. Rachel loves to look through her "reverence book" and talk about the things in the pictures--sacrament, temples, prophets, Jesus, etc.--and that's been going alright, but what we really wanted was some sort of direction to go with this. We want to teach her the basic gospel principles in our home so that she can start building her testimony today.

But how do you help a one year old do that?

You use the new nursery manual! I'm so excited that they've redone this! It has awesome little lessons that are still a little too long for Rachel's sake but simple enough that she can sit through about half of one. There are pictures and activities with every lesson. In short, it's awesome.

Andrew taught the first lesson this Monday and Rachel seemed to enjoy it.

We were joking afterward that Rachel is going to be a nursery prodigy. She'll know all the lessons by heart and will skip ahead to CTR 5 because she's just so brilliant.

And lest you think we're the type of parent that thinks our child is flawless, we were also joking that we could do the same lesson every week and she'd never even notice.

She's got the memory of a goldfish, but she makes a pretty brilliant goldfish.


  1. LOL. I love it. A brilliant goldfish... what colour goldfish is she, exactly? ;)

  2. I have the best intentions, but I bought a laminator and did some stuff with that and cut outs....then the older kids got to that, I just do singing time for a while. I never thought of the nursery manual....mmmmmmm I think I'll try that! Thanks!

  3. Who knew there was a new nursery manual? My kids don't like long FHE lessons either! :o)