Monday, September 15, 2008

Dear TE Data,

Why do you hate us?

--The Heiss Family

(no internet until beginning of October... maybe...)


  1. Change over to LINK DSL - we only had to hold 2 of their technicians hostage for 1.5 hours and now we have perfect internet...seriously!

  2. Good luck with that one.

  3. Ugh. You're giving me flashbacks of Batelco in Jordan. It took them a month to get us internet in Jordan the second summer we were there. I hope they really do make it by the beginning of October.

  4. I hope you get internet sooner then later, I can only imagine the frustration and we thought our cable companies were bad....

  5. Yeah, not only do we not have internet yet, our phone line is completely out of service now. We have to go talk with Telecom Egypt before TE Data (or or Sofico or anyone else) can get us internet service.

    Grumpy Ramadanians...