Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Because, really, who needs pants?

When you’ve got a big, floppy hat and golden slippers nobody’s going to be checking for pants.

Plus it’s a lot easier to make it to the potty on time if there’s only one layer to take off. We recently traded in our prefolds for underwear and Rachel’s been doing a great job of making it to the potty! She was so excited when we brought them home from the Bio Shop (Road 231 in Degla). We had to put a pair on right away. But then she didn’t want to take them off to do her business and ended up having an accident in the hallway.

I ran her to the bathroom and made her take off her underwear. It was soaking wet, so I put them in the diaper pail to be washed. She growled, stood up from her potty, marched to the diaper pail and retrieved her underwear. I told her that the underwear had to stay there because she peed in it, but we could put another pair on and if she didn’t pee in that pair she could wear it for as long as she wanted or until bedtime, whichever came first.

Two days and two accidents later brought us to yesterday, which was an amazing day, potty-wise. Rachel woke up shortly before 9:30 AM, wet already. She did her morning BM and was in underwear until 1:15 without an accident. I changed her back into a diaper so that she could have a nap, and she woke up, wet again. We put her underwear back on and she went through the rest of the afternoon accident free. She went potty right before I put her in a diaper to take her over Lora’s and asked her to just hold “it” until I picked her up, which she did. I put her on the potty when we got home she did her business and went straight to bed.

It was awesome. I hope this is a new trend.

Update: This appears to be a new trend. Perhaps I’m crazy, but I took Rachel out and about wearing underwear (covered up this time with rubber pants and brown gauchos). She stayed dry all during playgroup (although I think she might have peed in the pool (but honestly, what kid hasn’t done that?)) and she spent the afternoon and evening running around wild with all the Lewis children. I think it’s safe to say we're well on our way to being potty trained!


  1. holy cow... how old is she again?! remind me if i ever have kids to try your methods...

  2. She is 14 months old, Heidi. Way to go, Ray-church!! Who does she look like in that bottom picture--she doesn't quite look like herself, but she does look like someone...Andrew, maybe? Whose lower lip is that?

  3. Congrats for Rachel! Karen did almost the same thing, and now at 28 months (twice Rachel's age) is almost out of the pull-ups entirely (read: pull-ups for bedtime). Good to hear you're all doing good!

  4. I am so jealous! The twins have a desire to wear underwear, and sit on the potty, but actually doing their business? Not yet. It's hard to when Daycare is involved....I can't wait!!!!! When we are through potty training, all my kids will be potty trained...well except one is having issues because they hate public toliets and would rather have an accident....weird?

    Anyway, Rachel is so big! I miss you so much, hopefully soon I'll have a set up where I may cathc you online...later in October....

    Love you lots!

  5. Oh and what beautiful blue eyes Rachel has, it'll be funny to see Olivia (brown eyed), Sabrina (green) and Rachel together in a photo!

    Can you email me a shipping address for you?