Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baby Steps

Is it so bad that I didn’t want to voice any resolutions before I made sure that I had a plan in place to keep them? Now that it’s the end of January I think I just might be on the way to keeping my goals.

I found this wonderful website called “Read the Scriptures” that will email you daily “assignments” to read. Since I somehow always find time to check my email I magically now have time to read my scriptures everyday since a chapter of scripture ends up in my inbox daily.

For a long time I’ve wanted to be published—somewhere, anywhere—but recently I decided that that is a ridiculous goal since I have no control over completing that goal. Instead I decided that I would submit things that I write since that is my main obstacle to becoming a published writer. I can’t really be published if I never submit anything. So this year, my goal is to submit at least three things for publication. That’s the scariest part, I think.

Today I submitted a short story to The Friend. And for some reason that really was scary—I don’t know why—but I did it and now it’s out of my hands. Two more stories or articles to go…

Another thing I’ve always been intimidated by is bread making. So I’ve started making bread and it’s been turning out alright. We didn’t buy any bread when we went shopping and we only have a half a loaf left of the honey-whole-wheat bread that I made earlier this week, so it looks like I’ll be making more soon. It isn’t as time consuming or complicated as I previously thought.

I also want to learn how to can, but that will wait until we get back to the States, I think.

As far as fitness goes, I’m pretty much committed to going to the Relief Society’s Thursday morning yoga session. I have also made a goal to do one other yoga session on my own at home. Since I’ve started tutoring I now walk at least two miles everyday carrying 13 lbs and pushing another 27 lbs in the jogging stroller, which is gargantuan in and of itself. Usually we leave the house with barely enough time to get there so I’m usually booking it. Therefore, I have opted to exclude any extra cardio from my exercise goals.

I’m sure there were other things that I had set out to do at the beginning of the year, but those goals have already fallen into a faint memory. This is good enough for now.

And I don’t feel guilty in the least setting easy, attainable goals. I don’t think there is any point in setting a lofty, unattainable goal since the chances of achieving it are slim. Baby steps, baby steps to the elevator. Baby steps to perfection.


  1. Yay for baby steps. All worth and righteous goals. :) Go you!

  2. and by "worth" i mean "worthy". And by "go you!" I mean "you freakin' rock."

  3. My mom had a story published in the Ensign last year. Also, last month's friend magazine had a story submitted by a friend of my husband. You can do it! Maybe you know this already, but they purchase the stories and then may or may not publish them. Then they notify you when it is being published.

  4. Baby steps.. lol Miguel and I watched What About Bob on Saturday night and it was hilarious.. did you know he's studying Clinical and Mental Health? He said that's going to be him some day.. death therapy!

    Good goals! I set some goals that seemed easy and attainable, but I went overboard when I was listing so there are tons of goals. I need to cut back on them and decide which ones to focus on.........

  5. I just submitted an article to Brevity (an e-magazine). So that's two articles submitted for publication. One more to go and this goal's a gooder.

  6. So, I read the Book of Mormon although I didn't read every day. I only submitted those two articles unless writing a letter to the editor counts since I did that before a year was up (just a few days ago, actually). I helped my mother-in-law can jam this summer. And I took up running and am still doing yoga.