Sunday, August 28, 2011

Big girl bed

We've been having such a problem with Miriam stripping off her clothes, throwing her diaper across the room, and wetting the bed, that we decided we may as well put her in a big girl bed and begin the long and painful road of nighttime potty training. 

She was so excited to have a big girl bed and went down for her nap like a little angel. While she was napping Rachel and I put together a model of a covered wagon that we found at the craft store for 20 cents—score!

I thought all was well until I went in to check on her and found her awake in her bed with fecal matter smeared all over her sheets. After further investigation I found a stinky little package right beside the door and we had a fun little chat about knocking on the door if she needs to be let out of her room during nap time. She's always so quiet and instead of voicing that she wants to do something she'll just suck her thumb. *sigh*

Bedtime went much smoother than we thought it would. She only got out of bed twice. Each time she just walked up to me, patted my arm, and said, "Hi, Mommy!" Then I'd walk her back to bed and tuck her in. She stayed in bed for the whole night and this morning walked into our bedroom carrying her blanket and looking mighty proud of herself. 

"Meme. Good sleep. Nice big bed!" she said.

Tonight has been a bit more of a challenge. She has been out of bed several times. I've plucked her out of Rachel's bed a few times. I've tucked her in more times than I can count and took her potty twice. But I think she's finally settling in for the night and soon she'll get used to the freedom of not being in a crib and will go to bed when she's told to. Maybe...

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