Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First day of school = fail

Today I was going to do a wonderful post about Rachel's first day of school. I failed in even capturing a decent picture.

She zoomed out the door before I even had the camera out so I figured I would just take her picture at school. Then right before we turned the final corner before getting to her school she ran straight into a mailbox. 

Tears, tears, tears.

She was not a happy camper when we got to school. 

"Hi, Rachel!" her new teachers greeted her (because her old teacher *sniff* moved to China), "How are you today?"

Rachel didn't say anything.

"Well, she just ran into a mailbox, so..."

"Ouch," said her teacher. "Well, we'll give her a few minutes to warm up to things."

The low point of my day was reading the parent handbook and learning that I was supposed to have packed a snack. Last year they provided snacks. Luckily Rachel's little friends with prepared parents were willing to share their snacks with her.

The high point of my day was reading the parent handbook and learning that class goes until noon this year. Last year they got out at 11:30. 

I guess I'll try to do a better "first day of school" post later. For now this will have to do.

And let's just not talk about how I never wrote about Rachel's last day of school, mmmmkay?

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  1. so, I just wrote this novel of a comment about the sunday experience and it didn't post. :(
    I'll just sum it up by saying:
    That picture is AWESOME (in all caps!!) and Way to go for doing the sacrament meeting experience all by yourself. I wouldn't survive a week.