Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Baby #3: The Ultrasound

"I don't usually tell people I'm 100% sure," the doctor said. "But this baby is leaving nothing to guesswork."

One hand was up by the baby's face and the other hand was pulling on its toes, and its legs were wide open. We've got ourselves a thumb-sucking, toe-grabbing, leg-sprawling boy!

Andrew said he was pretty sure it was a boy—because of the Chinese gender prediction calendar he used. I had no clue but was unsure if Andrew knew the boy recipe so I was kind of expecting a girl simply because that's all we've got. But truthfully, we didn't have a hunch either way and would have been excited either way. We're certainly excited for a little boy, though we're a little nervous, too.

I told a few people before picking Rachel up from school but mostly we were waiting to tell her before telling people. Grandma and I tried to prepare Miriam to accept the idea of a baby brother.

"Just that I want a baby sister in my family!" she'd say whenever we said anything about how nice it would be to have a baby brother.

By the time we'd picked Rachel up from school and the girls put the puzzle together, Miriam was fine with the idea of a brother. Rachel figured out it was a boy the minute she opened the puzzle because it was blue and green. She was ecstatic!

When we had it all together, Grandma said, "It says: It's a boy!"

And then Miriam said, "No. Is it a girl!"

"It's going to be a boy baby—it's a little brother! Isn't that exciting?" we said.

"Okay," she sighed, and popped her thumb in her mouth because that's how she deals with disappointment.

As my mom said, it was better for Miriam to be disappointed than for Rachel to be disappointed because Miriam's a little more easy-going than Rachel is.

We're excited to even out our family demographics a little bit. As you can see we're currently a little girl-heavy. But that will change in just a few months!

I don't know why Rachel didn't really smile in this picture—she really was quite excited—so I took another one just of her. She's really happy about this brother and was suggesting all types of names, mostly from Harry Potter. When I told her that I wasn't going to name the baby after any Harry Potter characters she suggested Markus. Miriam heard Necklace and thought the name was brilliant.

We're going to have to come up with a name. I've been looking and looking and so far all I have is a list a mile long of names I don't like. But now that we know it's a boy Andrew will at least join the conversation. He has no excuse not to at this point!

Everything else about the ultrasound checked out—the baby measured a day early but we're keeping the due date as it stands (July 18). The heart and brain and spine and stomach and bladder and legs and arms and fingers and toes and face all looked beautiful. The only thing the doctor couldn't really see were the kidneys—we got a glimpse but weren't able to measure them because this little baby moves a lot! The doctor had trouble putting labels on anything because he couldn't get a good picture because of our wiggly little guy. But the doctor wasn't too worried about not getting a good look at the kidneys because the bladder was working just fine, which means that the kidneys had to be, too.

So it's happy and healthy and...a boy...

Whatever do you do with one of those?

We'll just have to figure it out, I guess.


  1. Yay!!! We were crossing our fingers for a boy!

  2. My day with Edward yesterday included watching a show about dinosaur fossils, then trying to build a dinosaur skeleton out of blocks, then reading books about volcanos, then watching bob the builder so then we had to build a house out of with the blocks as well as all of the vehchicle characters- I think the biggest difference is we don't change our clothes(he does not even care what he wears) and he has no desire to play with a baby doll. But your little boy will grow up with big sisters so he could still find all those things interesting. I do promise it will be a lot of fun!!

  3. When Karen was visiting us, she remarked how she was so excited to get back to her granddaughters after all the shooting and ninja games Michael kept trying to play with her. Be prepared!

  4. :D

    What do you do with a boy? Spank them and send them to bed. (or maybe I'm just grouchy)

    In real life you're gonna love that boy and so will his big sisters. He's a lucky kid.