Tuesday, March 27, 2012

MPA Graduation Details

Graduation season is upon us once again! 

Last night I whipped up an announcement to send to our family members and realized that I totally neglected to do that the last time he graduated (in my defense, no one would have been able to come, anyway, but I suppose it would have been nice). Fortunately he graduates frequently enough that I could make up for my neglect by making him an announcement for this graduation.

Three graduations down, one to go!

And where we're going nobody knows. 

Andrew's friends at school decided to take a poll on where he should go—you know...just to help him out with his decision-making process. Oliver, I believe it was, wrote the poll on the board while Andrew was in the MPA lounge—he only wrote Indiana and Duke. After Andrew and Oliver had left, some unknown person added Hogwarts (and it seems that the consensus of the educated is that we should go there).

Rachel's going to be thrilled! She's always wanted to go to Hogwarts.

I'm not sure how big the announcement gets on your screen, but the quote on it (in case you can't read it) says, "Education does not mean teaching people what they do not know. It means teaching them to behave as they do not behave." President Hinckley quoted it at the dedication of the Tanner Building. It's a quote by John Ruskin (from Elbert Hubbard's Scrapbook, p. 17).

I searched for a while to find a quote by Elder Tanner since the Tanner Building, which houses the Marriott School of Management, was named after him (and because he grew up in and became a very influential person in Alberta) but while he has a number of good quotes I couldn't find one about obtaining an education.

BYU's motto is "Enter to learn, go forth to serve," which was coined by Stewart L. Grow (who, I might add is from Alberta—which is where most cool people are from). I thought it would be a little cliche to put BYU's motto on Andrew's graduation announcement. He agreed and suggested that we use Elder Tanner's take on the motto, which is on a plaque in the Tanner Building: "Service is the rent we pay for living in this world of ours." It's a great quote but lacked the educational pizzaz I was looking for (at least it got me to the script of the dedication of the building, which is where I found the quote I used).

We're excited for Andrew to graduate but he leaves for Ghana the Monday after graduation and will be gone for about three weeks so I'm really only counting then as him being "finished." Then we'll be in the thick of summer—making plans for moving, getting ready for the new baby, and having fun!

(Oh, and working three jobs...but working three jobs without having to go to class should be easy, right?)


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