Monday, January 20, 2014


Rachel's has turned into a little chef lately. She made dinner a couple of times this week (Grandma Quesadillas (which are just regular quesadillas) and German Pancakes) with very little supervision. I helped flip some of the quesadillas and I helped get the pancakes into and out of the oven—but other than that she was on her own.

When we skyped with Grandma last Sunday Grandma was in the middle of making peanut butter cookies. Auntie Emily touched one (which meant she had to eat it). Rachel immediately wanted peanut butter cookies. She asked on Monday if she could make peanut butter cookies for a family night treat (we didn't have time). For her after school snack on Tuesday she spread peanut butter on nilla wafers. On Wednesday I had her skim through Kids Cooking: A Very Slightly Messy Cooking Manual. Thursday she divided her time alternately begging either Andrew or me to teach her how to make cookies. Friday night she wanted to make cookies...but we had a family movie night with popcorn instead.

Saturday morning was all hers. We found a recipe for The Best Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip (Oatmeal) Cookie and Rachel tried it out. She did a great job measuring and mixing. The dough was marvelous. The only thing she needed help with was getting that cookie sheet in and out of the oven. Ovens make her nervous (not that I can blame her).

Rachel was also nervous about burning the cookies. She set the timer on the microwave for ten minutes and then stewed about it the whole time, worried that it beeped without her hearing it. When it did finally beep she'd flip out.

"Mom! Mom! Mom! It beeped! They're done! Get them out of the oven now! Come on! They're going to burn! Quick!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming," I'd say.

"Mom! This is how cookies burn! Come on! Open the oven! Take them out! Quick! Quick!"

To her credit, none of the cookies burned.

I think it's going to be nice having another baker around here. I already signed her up to make cookies for our ward silent auction (the youth are earning money to make a trip to Palmyra). She was game for that but was worried about giving away all the cookies.

"Maybe I can double the recipe," she said. "Or thricel it!"

A thricel batch it is.