Wednesday, January 22, 2014

More snow stuff

True to their word, the girls got up early and got dressed to play in the snow. They did it so quietly that they didn't even wake up Daddy, who was sleeping on the couch because Benjamin is a major bed hog (seriously—he's a kicker), so when I got up at 8:30 Andrew was still sleeping away (even though he was supposed to be long gone).

I'll admit that it was kind of nice to see him in the morning and to have family prayer all together. This semester isn't too bad as far as his schedule goes (I say right at the beginning of the semester (we'll probably revisit that statement later)) but Tuesdays and Wednesdays are a little rough since he misses bedtime every other Tuesday (and on the days that he doesn't miss bedtime I have primary presidency meetings) and every Wednesday, so we basically don't see each other for 48 hours.

Still, he was feeling rushed. He grabbed a packet of instant oatmeal to take to school for breakfast while I made apple oatmeal for the rest of us (it's tradition, apparently).

The kids were thrilled that the snow had stuck around overnight (that isn't always the case down here).

It was rather chilly this morning so they were grateful to come in to some warm oatmeal. Rachel helped chop up the apples. I was a little slow on that front.

After breakfast we all bundled up again to head outside to play in the snow while waiting for the bus to come. The girls were determined to build a snowman. (Miriam woke up this morning singing 'Do You Want to Build a Snowman?' (last night it was 'Let It Go')). We did our best to build an itty-bitty snowman.

The snow on the grass was useless; we had to collect snow from the scooter cover and the lids for the recycling bin and things like that.

There was enough snow on the ground to make some snow angels though! Kind of...

Even Benjamin was able to enjoy the snow this morning (though I still mostly held him). I suppose snow that's sitting on the ground is a little more trustworthy than snow that's falling from the sky.

After we put Rachel on the bus we went to the backyard to play for a while.

I was happy when the kids decided they'd had enough of the cold and I'm even happier now that I can hear the drip-drip-dripping of the snow melting away outside.

Over breakfast we talked about whether or not the snow would still be around after school.

"That depends on how cold it stays today," I said. "If it stays below zero then the snow will still be here after school but if it gets to be above zero then the snow will start to melt."

Rachel looked a little confused and I realized that she's used to hearing temperatures in Fahrenheit.

"Oh, I grew up using Celcius, where zero degrees is the freezing point of water. In Fahrenheit the freezing point is thirty-two degrees. They're the same temperature, just different numbers depending on what system you use. Either way if it stays below the freezing point then the snow will still be around but if we get above the freezing point then the snow will melt."

But seriously America! Join the rest of the world! 


  1. Wait that's not even on the driveway, does it really count as snow :) Looks like a thick frost. The kids look super happy about it....even Benjamin.

  2. Um, obviously that comment was me...shesh who does he think he is using my computer!

  3. Hooray for snow that comes and then goes!

  4. Whenever I talk to my Syrian friend who lives in Germany about the weather, I have to convert my F temps to C for him so I get that. Still, I am used to our way so it works for me. :)

    I love the pictures, and the snow angels are so cute! As is Rachel's tiny snowman. Your kids are so cute. I love that they woke early enough to play in the snow before Rachel went to school.

    Apple oatmeal sounds yummy!

    (Schools in Alamance County were closed today and tomorrow are on a three hour delay with the option of closing. Apparently there are some slick roads in the northern part of the county or something. It wasn't too bad where I live.)