Saturday, January 18, 2014


We just scored a free bookshelf from some friends who are getting ready to move. Considering we filled our existing bookshelves when we moved in and we've had three semesters to acquire books ("tools of the trade," as Andrew calls them, a phrase he stole from Patrick Q. Mason (to think we used to sit around playing Settlers of Catan with this man (now that he's all grown up and has his own wikipedia page, quoting him seems much more fancy))) it goes without saying that our bookshelves were becoming overburdened so we happily claimed the bookshelf when it went up for grabs. Soon it will be filled with books too (Andrew's still hunting down books for this semester).

What's weird about this bookshelf is that it's our second wave of the seasonal friends-moving-away freebies that we've accepted. We've never lived in a place long enough to be at the receiving end of this phenomenon two years in a row. Usually we collect stuff our first year and pitch it the next because in the past we were busy planning either a cross-country or trans-atlantic move every two years (usually also with a newish baby in tow and another degree tucked into our pocket).

We've been here for a year and a half now so I feel like it's time to be house hunting or job searching or filling out applications or pricing moving trucks or buying plane tickets, but I'm not doing any of that. This year we're staying put. It's kind of a funny feeling. I hardly know what to do with myself.

When I was in grade three our school put on a musical called Steamboatin'. I was only in the chorus because I was only in grade three and we technically weren't even supposed to be in the musical since it was put on by grade four and five but since I was in a three/four split class I was lucky enough to participate. A lot of the music has stuck with me. I suppose I found the lyrics relatable. The song 'A Ramblin' Man' has just about been my theme song through my life:

A ramblin' man is what I am
I've rambled my whole life through
I never could stay in one place for too long
I'm just like a leaf blowing round in a storm
I never know where I'll be moving today, today
'Cuz I'm a ramblin' man and I'll keep ramblin' along my way

But now instead of packing up we're still getting settled—like really settled.

Dust-on-your-pillow-case settled.

Grass-under-your-feet settled.

Set-a-swingset-up-in-the-backyard settled.

Bolt-the-bookshelf-to-the-wall settled.

Finally-frame-the-D&C-papyri-purchased-circa-2008 settled.

We're getting that settled. It kind of feels nice but I still find myself craving a new adventure. Knowing where I'll be for the next three years (and having it be the same place as the previous two) is a little weird for me but I'll get used it.


  1. Did you move a lot as a child or is this ramblin' something you do only with Andrew and the kids?

    To be honest it seems every Mormon blogger that I read - which, granted is just 3 or 4 - is a ramblin' woman. It must be in y'all's blood! :)

  2. I moved a lot as a kid. Andrew didn't. His family has lived in the same house for twenty years. That's unfathomable to me. Andrew and I have been a rather peripatetic couple, so I feel like I've just moved a lot my entire life. But there are a lot of Mormons who just stay put as well. :)