Saturday, February 04, 2017

Fort building

I helped the kids build a fort in their bedroom this evening so they could have a sleepover in it. They wanted to do it in the living room (and had already constructed a fort there) but I made them take it down (sometimes I'm a mean mom, see?). Zoë always walks through the living room in the middle of the night, so have a fort in her way would confuse her. Also our house isn't very big and when the living room is a mess the whole house feels messy (because if the living room is a mess the whole house is messy). Anyway, we built a pretty awesome fort in their bedroom. 

Here's Benjamin in the "watchtower," also known as the top bunk:

The grey blanket is draped from their bed to the dresser to the closet door to the shelf in the corner (so basically their bedroom is the size of a queen-sized bed plus a twin bed). We also blocked off the bottom bunk because they didn't want it to be part of their main room (it's a bonus room for their fort, I guess). And then we had to add a blanket to the back wall as well because it "wasn't fair" that Benjamin was "by the light."

We had scriptures and prayer in there before Zoë and I left the kids to have "reading time" (Miriam read Benjamin several stories while Rachel read to herself).

Here are the kids (minus Zoë who didn't want to snuggle with them) all tucked inside Rachel's sleeping bag (they're all in individual sleeping bags now):

Zoë, meanwhile, was lounging in the corner on Miriam's reading pillow (she was making snoring noises which is why she's holding her mouth funny):

Hopefully they'll all sleep well and this fort will supply some quality quiet time tomorrow...

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