Sunday, February 12, 2017

Three-way freeway

On the drive home from the birthday party Benjamin attended Andrew had the nerve to get on the freeway. Benjamin is a noisy detractor of freeways—except "wall freeways." He likes the walls, but any other type of freeway is reason to moan and groan and flop around in his car seat.

"I hate freeways!" he'll say.

Yesterday was no different. "Why are we getting on the freeway?" he whined to Andrew. "I don't like the freeway!"

"Why not?" Andrew asked.

"Freeways are too fast!" Benjamin explained. "But one-ways are a little too slow. Two-ways are just right. I like two-ways best because they're not too fast or too slow. But freeways are too, too fast."

There are a lot of one-way roads here, so he's heard us talk about those plenty. And we've definitely mentioned "freeways" a lot. I'm not sure we say "two-way" very often (though perhaps we do since it's featured in rather famous idiom).

Evidently for his whole life Benjamin has been thinking that we've been talking about "three-ways" instead of "freeways." It's fairly logical I suppose. If you have one-ways, and two-ways, why wouldn't you also have three-ways?

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  1. Cute! Speaking of free and three...when Zach was younger, he's often say "free" for 3. I like little kid mispronunciations so I didn't really correct it until he got older when I told him to watch my mouth when I said "frrrrreee" vs. "thhhhhreee."

    So, now in an effort to never say 3 the wrong way, he sees the word "freedom" in a Veteran's Park and says "thhhreedom."

    Uh no! Hehe

    BTW, I have reviewed phonics with Zach from time to time. Those short I and E sounds can be tough for a Southern child, let me tell you. :)