Thursday, February 16, 2017

There are big, tall, terrible, awesome, scary, wonderful giants in!

One day not too long ago, Miriam came home from school covered in brown marker. First I asked her what she had all over her, then I asked her how she got it all over. The knees of her pants and her elbows were basically brown blobs. She had brown streaks from her fingers all over the rest of her clothes and hands and arm and even face. 

"Oh, we made a giant at school today," she said. "I was in charge of his hair."

She then proceeded to tell us how huge the giant was. 

"His head is two feet across, and each of his legs are three yards long!" she explained excitedly.

"Really?" we asked. No one quite believed her. This was shaping up to be a pretty big giant.

"Yes," she insisted. "I think he's six yards tall altogether!"

"Really?" we asked again. "Do you mean feet? Because yards are huge. Do you even know how long a yard is?"

She nodded and stretched her arms out. 

"And you made a paper giant six times that length?"

Another nod.

"Where did you even put it?"

"I dunno. Ms. G. is going to put it up somewhere."

"How? Where? That's, like, taller than the school..."

"I know!!!" Miriam squealed. 

When we went to pick Rachel up after chorus this week we encountered Miriam's giant and he really was every bit as big as she had been saying.

Her class had read Jim and the Beanstalk and then broke into small groups to make a giant as a "measuring activity" so there are a couple other giants gracing the school halls. 

Here are the measurements of the giant:

Head: 2 feet across
Neck: 1 foot across
Body/Torso: 1 yard long
Arms: 2 yards long
Legs: 3 yards, 5 inches long
Hands with fingers: 1 foot long
Feet with toes (shoes in this case): 2 feet, 1 inch long

She had a great time with this project. 

I am still trying to get all that brown marker out of her lovely aqua-coloured pants (washable markers, my eye).

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