Monday, August 28, 2017

DUPLOS on a Sunday

On Sunday the kids were all upstairs playing with DUPLO and, most impressively, actually getting along. Zoë is grown up enough now that she can happily play alongside the big kids (when she's not in a tear-all-the-towers-down mood) and even contribute to their games.

She made a "baybo" (table) all by herself and began seating "diddo-dies" (little guys) all around the table so that they could "eat ninner" (eat dinner). Every little guy got a specially selected chair, according to their colour preference, I guess. 


She found food to feed them and was most excited about finding the eggs. Her little guys really needed eggs for dinner.

Zoë kept expanding her table to accommodate more and more "little guys" and her siblings got increasingly interested in her little game so they came over and started ordering things from her cafe, which made her feel big and important, I'm sure. They decided that anything they would order would be three dollars, so they'd come over to her and ask for the largest order they could think of (pizza and milkshakes and fries and spaghetti and...), pretend to hand her three dollars, and then she'd hand them a piece of LEGO from the box.

They don't always play together quite so nicely, but when they do it sure is lovely.

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