Saturday, August 26, 2017

In which I am sad

I rarely buy maternity clothes. I guess by the time I'm big enough to justify needing them I only have a few weeks left and I refuse to buy clothes to use for only a few weeks. Plus, although I've been pregnant for 182 months of my life (that's 3.5 years)...and counting...we've never actually come into any money in all that time. This means I hit a point every pregnancy where I just feel a tad bit frumpy—like I'm stretching too-small t-shirts over my belly, like I'm wearing pants I picked up at a swap meet (and sewed over a gaping hole in them), like I'm piecing together everything with 11-year-old bella-bands.

But every time I've been pregnant (except, perhaps with Miriam) I've also justified getting a couple new items. With Rachel because she was my first, with the last three because I'm medically constrained from giving into anything a pregnant lady might ever crave so I figure if we're spending $0 on whimsical cravings we can spend a few dollars on allowing me to feel cute every now and then. Also, I've tried to select things that it might be possible to wear after the baby comes (like that black dress I've been wearing over leggings—it's not from the maternity section and should fit me just fine post-baby but also fits fine now, so win-win).

When we went to Target for back-to-school shopping, though, we walked past the maternity section and everyone went a little wild over this little plaid number and insisted that I should get it. It wasn't even on sale, guys, but Andrew said to go for it because he actually has a job now and getting one shirt wasn't going to break the bank.

I wore it on eclipse day and it was great. I paired it with leggings and it covered both my belly and my bottom, which I was happy about because with my long torso I have trouble finding much of anything to pair with leggings (nothing is long enough to cover everything I think needs to be covered unless we enter into the too-short-of-dresses category). I felt cute and everything was hunky-dory.

And then I washed it and—according to the label—dried it and put it on this morning and...

I was so sad.

With my arms down it didn't cover my bottom anymore and with my arms lifted it now showed my stomach, too. And I realize I'm pregnant and my belly is growing but it hasn't grown that much since...Monday.

So I called Target to whine about it (because we paid full-price for it, which is something I don't think I've ever done our entire marriage (I'm a sales-rack kind of girl, typically)) and they assured me they'd give me a refund (even though I've already washed it). I just have to find the time to go into Target now (but not today with the BYU football game going on, thank you very much).

At least it was fun to wear...once.


  1. Oh, man! That thing really changed in one washing/drying! Hope a cuter, new top is in your near future. :)

  2. Ugh that is the worst! I am so glad you can at least get a refund. And it is super cute - maybe get another one the next size up and then line-dry it? Don't underestimate the importance of feeling like a million bucks every once in a while during pregnancy.