Monday, August 21, 2017

Sometimes I am smooth

It's not our anniversary today, but it is Andrew's parents' 35th anniversary. We made tamales (and by "we" I mean that mostly Andrew did it but Karen and I helped stuff them this morning, completely justifying the "we") and Aunt Linda and Uncle Trevor came over to help eat them. Then, after we put the little ones to bed (or, more accurately, while I was putting the little ones to bed), Grandma, Grandpa, Daddy, Rachel and Miriam played a round of Hand and Foot.

Do we know how to party or what?

In spite of it not being our anniversary, I waxed a little mushy during family scripture study. We'd just finished reading the scriptures when Benjamin mentioned something about how the primary does a family spotlight, which reminded me that I still hadn't finished filling our spotlight form out.

I filled out the easy answers, like, "What are the names and ages of the people in your family?" and "Describe your family pets." But there were some difficult questions as well, such as, "What is your family's favourite hymn/primary song?"

You mean, like, as a unit? I have no idea. There are so many conflicting opinions within our brood.

"Let's have a vote," Rachel suggested. "Everyone say their favourite song and whichever song gets the most votes wins."

"The Spirit of God!" Rachel shouted in unison with Miriam...except for the fact that Miriam had shouted "How Firm a Foundation!" instead. They glared at each other for a second before attempting to break their stalemate.

"Benjamin, what's your favourite song?"

"I just like making up my own songs," Benjamin said rather characteristically, as he twirled about the room, knocking Zoë over.

"Dad?" Rachel asked.

"Errrmmmm," Andrew hedged with an uncomfortable look on his face.

"Mom?" Rachel asked.

"Dad and I aren't very good at picking favourites things," I said apologetically. "We picked each other as favourites and that was it for us. We haven't picked any favourite things since."

"That?" Andrew laughed, "Was smooth."

But it didn't solve our favourite song dilemma.

"Why not just tell me what your favourite song is that I sing as a lullaby?" I suggested.

That should at least narrow it down to a few songs (I tend to get stuck in a rut and sing the same songs over and over) that their votes might potentially overlap on.

"I Am Like a Star Shining Brightly!" Rachel shouted in unison with Miriam...except for the fact that Miriam had shouted, "I Am A Child of God!" instead.

For half a second they had almost convinced each other they were going to shout the same thing. But, alas, they still chose different songs. We ended up putting down I Am A Child of God, which everyone seemed fine with. And then we had to choose "our" favourite scripture story, which actually fairly unanimously was The Stripling Warriors, so that worked out nicely.

So I'm kind of glad we plowed through that, as painful as it was, because picking favourites really isn't an easy thing for me to do (with Andrew being the exception to that rule, of course).

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  1. Picking favorites is the WORST! Today in Primary, the boy being spotlighted didn't recognize his own description. Sister K. said, "Why don't you just come up and answer the questions again, since all your favourites have changed!"