Saturday, February 24, 2018

Under the weather

All five of the kids are sick with a cold right now. It's Alexander's first full-blown cold and he's a little perplexed by the way his body has seemingly turned on him. His nose is stuffy so eating, his one true joy in life, is considerably more difficult than it's been in a long time. I imagine that, like the more verbal children have been complaining about, his head aches and his throat is sore. While his siblings have been, for the most part, carrying on with life, Alexander has never been in pain like this before and has been acting like he's dying.

Nearly every time I put him down he curls up in a little ball and starts screaming as if to say, "Don't leave me alone to die!"

I keep telling him that he's going to be fine but he doesn't seem to believe me. So we're just nursing every half-hour like it's going to be his last meal (or maybe he just feels thirsty because his throat hurts (probably that)).

Hopefully they'll all be back to themselves in the next couple of days (just a little bit fatter in Alexander's case (oink, oink)).

The other day Zoë was sneezing all over creation, including Alexander.

"See, this is why your brother is sick," I chided.

"He's not sick!" she denied.

"He is," I insisted.

"Why?" she asked. "I always just 'choo on my arms! I never 'choo the baby!"

Later she got upset when Alexander 'chooed her.

As cute as her little saying is, it caused a little bit of confusion when I was telling Andrew about it later in the day. He thought that Alexander had chewed on Zoë (and, truthfully, he's been doing a fair bit of chewing on everything these days so that wouldn't have been so unbelievable).

As far as the weather goes, it continues to be terribly winterish. Today when I left to pick Benjamin up from school (with Alexander in the baby carrier and Zoë and Riley in the double stroller) it was lightly snowing. By the time we were coming home we found ourselves in a crazy snow storm! So much snow had accumulated on the sidewalks that I couldn't push the stroller through it anymore (quite the arm workout for today) so instead I pushed the stroller in the street and had Benjamin walk on the sidewalk alone. Ordinarily you can see our house from quite a ways down the street, but we honestly couldn't see it until we were about at the church!

It's a good thing we bundled the kids up well before we left (both toddlers were wearing full snowsuits) or they really would have been miserable.

I didn't go to gamelan yesterday because Alexander was the most miserable baby on the face of the planet and I didn't go to gamelan today because it was still snowing quite a bit when it was time for me to leave and, well, I'm a wimp when it comes to driving at all (let alone in the a snowstorm). My mom sent home a suling with Andrew, however, so I've been able to practice on my own a bit this evening, which, truthfully, was probably a very good thing for me to do.

Sometimes gamelan practice is so loud that I can hardly tell if what I'm doing is what I'm actually supposed to be doing. So now I know for sure that I'm sometimes doing what I'm actually supposed to be doing...

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