Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine ground rules

Dear other parents,

Although I still think it slightly cruel, I can tolerate your sending home Fun Dip packs with my eight- and ten-year-olds. I used to enjoy an occasional Fun Dip pack back in the day myself. But can we agree that sending Fun Dip packs home with my kindergartener is just wrong, wrong, wrong?

Fun Dip packs are the kind of candy that you sneak off to the store to buy without your parents' knowledge. They are not the kind of candy that parents purposely give to their children, especially to their five-year-olds.

While we're on the subject—slime. Let's not send my five-year-old home with slime either, okay?

I mean, on the one hand he loved it. It was pink and sparkly and gooey (three of his favourite things).

But on the other hand, he's five years old and his mind is on fire. I haven't met anyone with so many bad ideas in a long time. He has his share of good ideas, it's true, but so many of his ideas leave me wondering, "Whhhhhhaaaaaaat?!"

"You need to keep this at the table," I told him sternly. "It's sticky stuff and we absolutely do not want it on the carpet."

"Don't play with it on the counter or the floor," Grandma warned him. "It will pick up all the crumbs and dirt and get all yucky."

He was good about those rules for about two minutes...until we turned our back on him, only to quickly remember he's not a child you ever turn your back on when we heard him jumping up and down on the living room. And what was he jumping on,  you might ask?

His slime, of course. Grinding it into the (new) carpet. Because "[his] brain told [him] to."


Now Valentine's Day is over, Benjamin's slime is in the garbage (many tears of remorse were shed) and the Fun Dip sugar (from three different children) is mostly cleaned up (but will it ever be all cleaned up?). We still have treats coming out our ears because Valentine's Day is apparently the new Halloween, but at least the messiest parts are over (I hope).

But can we agree to nix those two things for next year? Because, seriously...

But want to know a super cute idea?

One of Miriam's friends made bookmarks that said "I love you a hole punch" and punched through all the Os with a hole-punch. It made me chuckle (instead of pull out my hair), so...that's a win in my book.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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  1. I'm with you on slim. Unfortunately my older girls did pass out fun dip. I let them choose. A did suckers. So far though out only candy mishap was Squish throwing a chocolate on the floor and the dig licking it. There were a few kids in Gs class that did Valentine's that ran at least a buck a piece. Can we talk about how crazy that is for a second. Yikes.

  2. I remember when a sucker was the biggest thing you'd get with your valentines and we thought that was cool. Am I old now or what?