Monday, December 17, 2018

Ice breaker

We hosted dinner this evening for the family that Andrew and Reid minister to (because they're ministering companions now; also Andrew was called to replace his mom as organist today and he's super excited about it) and just as we'd gathered everyone around the table Benjamin thought he'd address the elephant in the room.

He loudly proclaimed, "OUR GRANDMA IS DEAD!!"

"Welcome to our happy home," I apologized with a forced smile.

" Don't worry," Brother O. responded to Benjamin, in an equally jovial manner. "So is mine. In fact, both of my grandmas are dead."

As far as ice breakers go, I guess this wasn't a bad one. At any rate, the only way the conversation could go from there was up, so we'll consider it a win!


  1. I once had a little boy about the same age who greeted visitors in similar manner--(David, I'm looking at you...)

  2. :-D I'm afraid I found that rather more hilarious than touching. Good old Benjamin, grab the bull by the horns! You know Grandma Heiss was howling up there.