Friday, December 14, 2018

Miriam's Organ Recital

Miriam's organ recital was on Tuesday and she pulled quite the crowd! Aunt Linda drove up to BYU with us (okay—she drove up to BYU for us, which was so nice of her) and we met Auntie Josie, Naanii, and Uncle Bruce on campus. The kids wanted to sit on the very front row and we ended up filling it more than capacity. With Alexander on my lap and Zoë on Auntie Josie's we just barely fit (the front row was an accessible row, so there were gaps left in the row to accommodate wheelchairs; we didn't take up a whole row, just the whole section of chairs).

And then I remembered that Andrew would be coming, too, so we ended up being very squished in our section.

He taught a class from 4–4:50 on Tuesdays this semester so he was running a little behind schedule. We even held off starting the concert until he arrived since Miriam was, once again, the first player (because she's the only one short enough to require the pedal extender they had it ready to go for her and then removed it for the rest of the kids to play). 

Here's the very first Organ First class together on the stage (except for Miriam's friend Annaliese who wasn't able to be there and who is also short enough to need the pedal extender (so was slated to play second)).

Miriam is sitting on the bench (green dress, purple leggings, white sweater); TAs Dennis (on the far left) and Skylee (I think that's her name) back row on the right) and teacher Nora Hess (far right in yellow)

They all played beautifully. Miriam played three pieces:

There is a Green Hill Far Away:

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

And Jingle Bells:

I think we're all excited for this semester to be over so we can have a little break, but she's still diligently practicing and is looking forward to continuing her lessons next semester. 


  1. That light fixture above Miriam's head makes it look like she has a halo :)

  2. Ahaha! That is what I thought, too!

  3. Worth the wait! I just heard your beautiful music, Miriam, and I congratulate you on this wonderful achievement. Keep up the great work!

  4. Wow! We had a Suzy, a Susanne, and a Susan comment! All three wonderful women!