Saturday, December 22, 2018

In sickness and in health

We went out for our anniversary last night (to the Payson temple to do an endowment session and then to dinner at Cubby's) even though we're still both a little under the weather. While we were out I mentioned a time long ago when someone warned us that we would regret getting married so close to finals week, but we scoffed at them. That would surely only matter until we were finished with our degrees (which I was and which Andrew had immediate plans to finish) and then we'd be free and clear.

Thirteen meandering years later (hi there, grad school) and we're still running into issues with our anniversary and finals week (and probably will forevermore). And I'm pretty okay with that.

What I'm less okay with is how often we're sick on our anniversary. 'Tis the season, I guess.

While I was mostly alright before we went to the temple, I started sneezing at the temple. And things went downhill from there (which was annoying because I thought I was getting better, not worse). I was a drippy, drippy mess by the time we got home, but I still felt alright.

By the time we went to bed, however, I did not feel alright at all. I could not get warm. Eventually I fell asleep, however, and by the time I woke up at 4:00 in the morning (thanks, Alexander) I was downright miserable. I had a raging fever and could hardly get out of bed. After I nursed the baby I messaged a few people to find a substitute for Benjamin's class party today (which I really didn't want to miss but...oh, well). And then I went back to bed.

Andrew took Miriam to her orthodontist appointment and Rachel to her orchestra party early in the morning. I got Benjamin off to school and then once Andrew was home went back to bed (for, like, four hours). I slept more in the afternoon.

Good thing I had so many helpers at home today! (Andrew didn't go into campus and the kids got out of school at noon).

At dinner time I said to Andrew, "You know what the dumbest part is? I don't even really feel sick. I mean, besides the fever and the headache and the runny nose and the full body ache and the burning eyes, I don't even feel sick!"

"Okay. You literally just described sickness," he said. "That's like saying we don't have any kids—besides Rachel, Miriam, Benjamin, Zoë, and Alexander. But, I mean, other than that we have absolutely no kids."

Fine. I'm sick.

But I'm hoping to feel better soon because I'd really like to do something fun with the kids during their ridiculously short Christmas break (Atlanta's school district appears to get a full two weeks off, which I'm looking forward to because I obviously haven't been able to wrap my head around this one-week of Christmas break thing (we sure do miss the year-round calendar)).


  1. One week only? Wow!

    Sorry you are sick, but hopefully you are better this morning. Glad you did really FEEL sick...haha!

    1. I guess *technically* it's a week and two days. We go back January 2.