Thursday, July 30, 2020


I forgot to mention the last sweet thing Benjamin did yesterday. 

I, uh, fell asleep in the hallway while I was waiting for the kids to fall asleep. That's my spot. Alexander likes me to be there and he gets very out of sorts when I'm not where he expects me to be. He'll often scream in the middle of the night and when I go to him and ask him what's wrong he will tell me that I wasn't where I was "supposed" to be. 

The other day he was looking for me and Rachel, knowing that I was upstairs, told Alexander that she thought I was downstairs (to buy me some time). He went downstairs to look for me and when he realized I wasn't there he just threw himself on the ground, howling...because I wasn't where I was "supposed" to be. 

Anyway, he's much better at falling asleep these days but still likes me to wait in the hallway while he drifts off. After I tuck him into bed I will read a chapter from whatever our nighttime book is and then I'll send the older kids to bed and then I'll read in the hallway until I know he's fallen asleep.

Last night I fell asleep myself.
Benjamin and Zoë were still having personal reading time in their beds and when Benjamin realized that it was getting later and later and I wasn't harping at them to turn off their lamps, close their books, and go to sleep, he decided to check on me. So he snapped this picture (which I was obviously completely unaware of (it's so flattering)) and then decided to enforce bedtime, himself:

That's the part that woke me up, but he was so sweet about it.

He stepped over me into Zoë and Alexander's bedroom and said, "Zoë, it's 9:20. Mom and Alex are both asleep already. I think it's time for us to go to bed, too, so turn off your light and lie down, okay?"

"Okay," she said. "Good night, Benny!"

He was really on a roll yesterday.

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