Sunday, July 05, 2020

You can write rhymes but you can't write mine

Alexander is our little poet; he has a surprising grasp on language for a child his age and enjoys making up songs about his life. The other day we were getting out of the shower, he and I (because we're "shower buddies"), and he said, "We are aww wet!" The he paused, dropped his jaw with shock, and said, "Mom, wisten! I wrote a poem! What duh het?! We are aww wet! What duh het?! We are aww wet! What duh het?! We are aww wet!"

The translation of that would be, "What the heck?! We are all wet!"

Which, I mean, doesn't exactly rhyme but it does exactly rhyme when he says it. I thought it was pretty clever (even if I don't love that my two-year-old throws around the phrase, "What the heck?!" (but when you have a teenager and a toddler I guess you lose a little control over the language your sweet baby is exposed to (or at least I do))).

Then today while we were talking to my mom, I prompted Alexander to tell her about watching the fireworks and he kept telling her that it was so scary and that he had to cover his ears. Then he paused briefly and said, "I am writing a song!" and came up with this:

When he first sang it he sang the line"cover your ears" first and then stood very still for a few seconds while the cogs in his little brain turned and then he paired it with, "When fireworks are near!" My mom and I were blown away! He composed a couplet right on the spot, my little budding poet!

A note on his poor sweet face: There's a bug bite on his cheek, some road rash on his nose, forehead, and upper lip, and that angry-looking bruise above his eyebrow is actually ink. He and Zoë made thank you cards for Mr. Paul, who so kindly shared his firework show with us, and Alexander got a little too enthusiastic with the black marker.

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  1. He sounds like he's ready to star in Daniel Tiger Neighborhood!