Thursday, July 02, 2020

Toilet Paper Forever

This morning I took the kids to the park so that Andrew could record some more lectures (and while there we gleefully discovered that they have re-opened the parks (I'm all for social distancing; but absolutely no one was at the park besides us so the kids had a blast playing (we haven't used a playground in literal months))). While we were on our way home a friend of mine texted to see if we wanted some toilet paper. 

A company her husband did some (computer) work for offered them a free sample of their toilet paper so she said, "Sure. Why not?" and the next thing she knows a truck is delivering a pallet of toilet paper in her driveway. They tried it out but they don't love it so she tried to give it away to various charities but no one seemed very excited about it. But, like, I'm not very picky about toilet paper. And it's septic safe. So...I said, "Sure. Why not?"

And I just can't get over how much toilet paper we have stacked in our living room right now, given how The Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020 is just barely in the rearview mirror. Like, I just laugh every time I walk past it. We are set.

And if we don't love it we will probably use it up. After all, we've lived in places where toilet paper is a bit of a joke, anyway. We can handle bamboo toilet paper. And if we really don't like it we can just make the kids use it.

We learned from our friends the Lewises that children lack a "refined palate." When we would have dinner with the Lewises there would often be "kid hot dogs" and "grown up hot dogs" or "kid hamburgers" and "grown up hamburgers" or "kid cheese" and "grown up cheese." Because they weren't going to waste the good stuff on little people who wouldn't appreciate it.

I imagine that if children lack refine palates they also don't require refined toilet paper....

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