Thursday, March 03, 2022

Happy birthday to them!

My brother and Andrew's Grandpa Frank share a birthday (54 years apart). I won't tell you how old my brother turned this year, but I will tell you that Grandpa Frank turned 93 (David turned that age in reverse). We knew that, and yet when we phoned Grandpa Frank to wish him a happy birthday, Andrew said, "How old are you turning this year—40?"

Grandpa Frank chuckled and said, "I wish. I'm 93!"

"Wow!" Alexander exclaimed. "You're almost..."

Deep down inside, I knew what was coming, but I willed it away, muttering, "Please say 100, please say 100, please say 100..."


Sometimes having kids is so embarrassing!

We had a lovely little chat with Grandpa Frank, anyway, and then called up my brother to play some games online. We haven't done that for quite some time (since Christmas or NYE 2020?) because things tend to get a little glitchy with so many people on the call. But with three households combined in my house (represented by me, Kelli, and Rosie), things went a lot smoother. We just had us, Uncle Patrick, and Uncle David on the call, so it didn't get very glitchy at all. It was fun to get to spend some time with my brothers and kids and Kelli and Rosie. 

And it was nice that we got to speak with both Grandpa Frank and David since I didn't get around to mailing birthday cards for them this year.

I'm really hit or miss in that department.

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