Thursday, March 17, 2022

Matching jammies

Andrew's cousin Ashley—whose boys are Rachel and Miriam's ages—had a baby girl two months ago. I think it's kind of funny that our kids line up so well (aside from, you know, Benjamin, Zoë, and Alexander)!

Ashley posted two-month pictures of Scarlett the other day, along with her one-month pictures for comparison—because babies do a lot of growing those first few weeks. I saw this post while I was lying in bed, nursing Phoebe, just as the sun was beginning to rise, and I noticed that Phoebe was in the same pyjamas Scarlett was wearing in her one-month pictures!

Here's Scarlett at one month (we're not jealous about her hair at all (just kidding; we totally are)):

And here's Phoebe saying good morning in her matching jammies at 4 months old:

Of course I had to send Ashley these pictures so she could see them, too. 

I admit that we have no room to complain about being far away from family anymore (not with Grandpa right around the corner). And I admit that we did just get a lovely visit from Kelli, Rosie, and Irie (so that should quench some of our longing for family). But sometimes I do feel like we're just missing out on being nearby cousins and things, so little coincidences like this helps me feel like somehow—across all the thousands of miles in whichever many directions—we're a little bit connected.

Really I think it probably means that we both just shop at Target?

(Except these particular jammies that Phoebe is in are hand-me-downs from the neighbours up the street...but still...)

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