Thursday, March 31, 2022

Silly things

Today I feel in way over my head with all sorts of things. Mostly I think it's because I'm back to working on this particular back-burner project that I wish had not stopped bubbling over. I worked on it all summer (the project that gave me a lovely eye-twitch, which stopped almost the minute I turned the darn thing in) but now it's back in my hands and I just wish it would go away. It's a long story, but it's mostly been making me feel very incapable of accomplishing anything and is absolutely not something I wanted to be working on four months postpartum. 

There are other things that have been weighing on me and I know that most of my concerns are just silly anxieties concocted by lack of sleep and whatnot. But, I've just been feeling sad. 

So I this evening I interrupted my assigned readings to play badminton with Benjamin, who enjoys declaring, "Badminton is my middle name!" Mostly because Benjamin Badminton Heiss is fun to say. And because he's enjoying the discovery of "underrated sports" (his words, not mine), such as badminton. 

Also, I wrote this silly poem (because our whole world is turning a ghastly green right now):

An Ode to High Pollen Count

I need—Achoo!—a tissue;
I’ve a tickle in my nose.
Achoo! I can’t stop sneezing.
I’m allergic, I suppose,
to—Achoo!—all this pollen,
Which seems t-achoo! accrue
Upon every—Achoo!—surface
So—Achoo!—I wish that you
Would pass the—Achoo!—tissue box
And let me pull one out!
My—Achoo! Achoo! Achoo!—nose
Is running like a spout.
I know that only weeks ago—
Achoo!—I wished for spring.
Unfortunately, I forgot
We’d be coated—Achoo!—green!

And, honestly, I feel a bit better.

This poem, of course, was inspired by Jack Prelutsky's (1993) 'Hiccup' (from It's Raining Pigs and Noodles):

I have hiccup hiccup hiccups,
I’ve had hiccup them all day.
They’re persistent hiccup hiccup
and won’t hiccup go away.
I’ve tried gulping hiccup water,
stood upon my hiccup head,
held my breath until my hiccup
hiccup face turned hiccup red.

I’ve attempted every hiccup
hiccup hiccup cure I could,
but it hasn’t hiccup hiccup
done a hiccup bit of good.
And in fact I think I’m hiccup
getting hiccup hiccup worse.
Do I need a hiccup doctor
or a hiccup hiccup nurse?

I can feel my hiccup hiccups
down into my hiccup shoes.
I have hiccup got the hiccup
hiccup hiccup hiccup blues.
I’m afraid my hiccup insides
are about to hiccup pop,
if these hiccup hiccups hiccup
do not hiccup hiccup stop.


  1. Hang in there. I did graduate school with 5 kids but not a new born. It is hard and I often feel inadequate and overwhelmed. When do you graduate? I'm done in 1 month and it feels amazing and weird at the same time. I love learning so am a little sad that it is ending but also relieved. Great little poems. :)

    1. I'm about finished with my coursework (just a couple of weeks!) and then I only have my thesis left to write. BUT I'm trying to decide how next year will look...will I take a few classes and work...or only work on my thesis...will I apply for a PhD...eek...who knows!

      Proud of you for finishing (and so quickly)! Good luck this last month!!