Friday, March 21, 2008

DVD Battle

I was leisurely reading The Goose Girl on the couch while Rachel was playing nicely by the television. At least, I thought she was playing nicely by the television until my story was interrupted by screams of absolute terror.

Rachel can be a little melodramatic and since most things in our house aren't the least bit terrifying I wasn't in too much of a hurry to rescue her, but I glanced up from my book anyway.

She was right in front of the television where I had last seen her but her toys laid abandoned. Instead of chewing on her blocks or banging on her "drum" she was kneeling up, playing with the buttons on the DVD player. This really wasn't very surprising since just this morning she turned the DVD player on, opened up the tray, took out my yoga DVD and started sucking on it before I could even cross the room to stop her. She likes buttons and is a very curious child.

Wondering why she was screaming I got up off the couch to see if I could end the hullabaloo.

Rachel was about eye-level with the DVD tray. She had one hand balancing her weight, right on the "open" button and the other forcing the tray closed. Every time she nearly managed to push the tray back into the DVD player it would shoot back out and hit her in the face again because her hand was resting on the "open" button.

I was half-tempted to grab the camera and take a little video of Rachel's battle, but she was genuinely scared--and half to death at that--so instead I picked her up and let her sob herself dry while she clung around my neck for dear life. It took quite a few minutes and a couple of Cheerios to get her happy and smiling again.

Perhaps we've cured her fascination for buttons.


  1. Now THAT is hilarious. Almost as good as watching a kid discover him/herself in the mirror for the first time!

  2. Is it bad that I think that's absolutely hilarious??!

    Oh good, Heidi thought so too. :)