Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Just a Girl and her Vegetables

Last night I had some fresh, yummy broccoli with dinner. After Rachel was done with her sweet potatoes, she decided that she wanted some of that broccoli action. She loves fresh veggies! Of course, she's at a wonderful time in her life where she'll eat just about anything she can get her hands on: grass, leaves, carpet fibers, small rocks, that kind of thing.

She kept trying to share with daddy because she noticed that he was missing out. Time and time again she held it out to him and grunted, her way of letting someone know she wants to share. I was proud of him because he didn't stick out his tongue or say "yucky." Instead he just said, "No thanks, you eat it! It's yummy!"

She had a great time chewing on it. She'd bite down on it and then yank it out of her mouth, spraying little broccoli chunks everywhere. We'll probably be finding broccoli bits around the dining room for at least the next couple of weeks.


  1. Yay for broccoli! Good green trees of a proper size for eating. :)

  2. I ate rocks when I was little. I prefer broccoli.